I want to be Bill Nye the Science Guy. Or Carl Sagan. I would take Mr. Rogers, if the other two weren’t available. I grew up idolizing PBS super stars who embodied the values of creativity, curiosity, and positivity. They engaged their audience totally, and didn’t let go until they had learned something about themselves or the world. I took for granted their effortless explanations until it was my turn to teach. I remember stumbling over myself as a math tutor, at 14 years old, eager to help but not knowing how.

I stuck with it, and this portfolio is a testament to my efforts to improve as an educator. My studies in teaching, work at summer camps and schools, and relationships have informed my priorities in education. I want to:

Nurture creativity (that grows into confidence)
Celebrate courage (that sets into engagement)
Ignite curiosity (that will one day question authority)
Role model positive thinking (that leads to perseverance against all obstacles)